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Title: Salazar Slytherin Chapter 3: Blaise Zabini
Author: Sirei
Translator: Part-Time Irish
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape, Salazar Slytherin/OC, Helga Hufflepuff/Rowena Ravenclaw
Spoilers: Some general things from the books

Summary: A Harry is Salazar story. Starts with PS and is supposed to go through the other books, but the author abanodoned it.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling.

Chapter 3: Blaise Zabini

The Hogwarts Express was painted red and smoke was pouring from it. Harry could have barfed. It was as if the whole world had gone mad with his death and Godric's energetic and annoying favourite colour had become the queen of colours.

Did no one beside himself like the soothing blue of the oceans and the green of emeralds and forests anymore? He had known when it happened that if he gave Rowena first choice, something he had done because of Richard, he would not be able to choose his favourite colour.

He had suspected it, and that selfish know-it-all had dared to steal it from him! Even though she loved pink that much. Pink ravens, hah! Salazar would have loved to see that!

But still, green was his second favourite colour and so he was content with that. Harry nearly grimaced when he thought about his vision. He had to be sorted into Godric's house, or his tasks would be considerably more difficult to fulfill!

Sighing, and lamenting the unfairness of the world and the universe, Harry boarded the train. Where muggles already had cars and planes and most contemporary wizards were equally intelligent and used floo powder and portkeys, Hogwarts had to be behind the times and use the easily attackable train.

He did not want to think about how easily the train could be stopped so that the children could be used for blackmail against most of Britain's population.

Oh, he knew that only 10 percent of today's youth, only the elite, went to Hogwarts, but this elite were the children of important politicians and families as well as the most important muggle-borns that were living in Great Britain.

All other children would go to Durmstrang, the Bulgarian school, or Beauxbatons, the French school, or would be tutored at home if they were part of the influential or, respectively, rich families.

All other children would go to smaller schools abroad or would be homeschooled by their parents.

Unfortunately, children of the lowest social class would never get a well paid job or the standing in society of an upper class.

Salazar couldn't believe it when he got that information. Hogwarts was founded, so that every child, regardless of social standing, could learn magic. But now the educated wizards and witches believed that they had a say in who could attend Hogwarts. Luckily, there still was the Book of Souls, where every student who was destined to learn at Hogwarts was recorded. The headmaster or headmistress and their deputy had to send letters to these, an unbreakable vow they had to take when they became a teacher and a person of authority. Hogwarts saw to that.

But Salazar was also infuriated about the selfishness of the past headmasters. He had also gotten to know that most, because Hogwarts did not differentiate between purebloods and muggle-borns, got a good reputation and were soon invited into the higher political circles.

Salazar already had decided to take this matter into hand when he had gotten enough political sway. He would win the power over Hogwarts as one of her founders and then clean the school thoroughly.

In the train itself he found an empty compartment where he could be undisturbed. He did not want to waste his time with ludicrous banter and chatter with other eleven-year-olds. Especially not as they were still toddlers and he had the soul of an over seventy-year-old.

Salazar grimaced as he thought about the fact that one of these eleven-year-olds could be his true love, Richard. How long would he have to wait to see him grown-up and hear one of his sarcastic expressions again?

Maybe he would not grow up into the man he fell in love with, as Voldemort had supposedly been defeated, even though Salazar did not believe those good intentioned and naïve sheep of society, but still….

Then there would be no war, ergo there would be none of those impossible happenings in which his lover usually flourished in.

Confused because of the whole reincarnation business, which his lover would most likely not remember, Salazar turned back to his books. The most temporary curses and shields were very interesting. While most of the ideas had advanced, the people had thought up horrible things that no one in his time would have dared to think about. The curse Avada Kedavra on its own is a testimony on how much was lost over time. This curse severs the soul from the body and lets the body die immediately. The soul of the victim, on the other hand, would wander around lost and never visit the afterlife, or, in the words of A.P.W.B. Dumbledore, go on to the next great adventure.

Soul magic, then permissible, but looked down upon, should never be used in such a manner. The balance of the world, and so of magic along with it, would be disturbed if it was used to harm.

If, for example, the spell Cronis Admirawas used, - a spell that let two friends feel the others' emotions about themselves - it would not harm their souls or change the balance of the world.

But if one used the Avada Kedavra, the soul would be damaged and as the soul was released into the world an imbalance would be created.

That the balance was disturbed massively and for a longer time, Salazar found out with one glance into Hogwarts: A History. The numerous ghosts in Hogwarts, one of them even a teacher, showed how much it had been disturbed.

There had always been ghosts in Hogwarts, no question, but that many?

Twenty would have been acceptable, thirty more than enough, fifty a big sign of a disturbance in the balance of the world, but three-hundred?

Salazar knew that there was only one way to restore the balance, and that was a Dark and a Light Lord or Lady. Harry knew that there already was a Light Lord or Lady but he was keen on knowing who it was, as it had to be someone who still knew the old rituals and gestures.

In his time this had been Rowena as she alone understood the true power of the Light, so that Salazar, the Lord of the Dark, would never have wanted to harm her. Both of them had had to exist to give magic a way of regulation.

Only Godric was daft enough to actually blame him for all the evil in the world. Even Helga had, with the help of her wife Rowena, seen that he was not anything like that at all.

When the door of his compartment was opened, Harry feared that it was one of the carrotheads he had seen earlier, but he only saw a darkly tanned boy with black hair, who stared at him with his brown eyes.

"Can I do something for you, or do you just want to stare at me? Have you swallowed your tongue or do you reign your communicative abilities in such a fashion that you are now mute?" Harry bluffed at the boy. Internally, he cringed at himself. He was supposed to be a nice, young, naïve Gryffindor!

The boy looked at him for a moment longer, before he smirked and sat down.

"My name is Blaise Zabini, per favore. I see that I have found someone who does not let himself be bossed around. Sadly, we seem to be the exceptions, as I've seen two lackeys and their blonde pasha, as well as some younger students who were told off by a brown-haired muggle-born.

I also was in twelve other compartments and the habitants there just accepted me and were not annoyed by my unrelenting staring. Please tell me in which house you will go so I can follow you and at least the two of us together can have a decent conversation."

Salazar stared at Blaise, dumbfounded. If he didn't know better, he'd say he had just found his first friend. Also he could feel that Blaise would never betray him, but how could he know that?

Smiling, he shook Blaise's hand and introduced himself.

"My name is Harry Potter," Blaise did not react except for nodding and letting a small smile play around his lips, "and I expect to be sorted into Gryffindor. I know that Slytherin is definitely an option, but as the Boy-Who-Lived I have to be in Gryffindor and try to survive there.

As a snake it wouldn't be as easy, but better than to be always suspected and misunderstood and to sleep in a house where many would be tempted to disregard the 'we don't harm or assassinate a member of our house' rule. And now, tell me, how did you know that I am the next candidate for the place of Dark Lord?" With a dark look Salazar sat forward on the edge of his seat to see better the emotions flitting across Blaise's face and to look more intimidating.

Blaise on the other hand was confused about how the Golden Boy had guessed his motivations and how he knew about the soul magic. As soon as he had entered the compartment he could feel the Dark power and magic linger above the boy , and he had known that he should follow him, if he wanted to follow in his mother's footsteps.

She had always told him that the next Dark Lord would come, and that the Zabinis would always follow him. At first, Blaise had not understood why his family did not follow Voldemort, until he, at the beginning of August, had felt a tingle under his skin and a shiver down his spine.

When he had asked her, his mother had only answered to the question what that was: "Our new Lord has woken and soon he will lead us into a new era. Take care, Bambini/Bambino, maybe he will be on the train to the magical school and you can be his first companion, friend and admiral."

Those words Blaise had taken to heart and had tried to find his future Lord. Previously, he had searched every compartment with even the slightest hint of Dark Magic with the soul magic his mother had taught him, but he had never found the magic he had felt on that day, until he came into Harry Potter's compartment.

At first he thought he had been mistaken, but after the words of the supposed Golden Boy who was predestined for Gryffindor since his birth, he had known that no one was expecting this charismatic and powerful boy sitting in front of him.

And Harry was right. If both of them survived in Gryffindor and collected many naïve followers, neither Dumbledore nor anyone else would imagine that Harry could possibly be anything other than a perfect Gryffindor and therefore a follower of the Light.

Grinning, Blaise began to tell Harry about his ideals and those of his family, as well as his plan, which he had begun to formulate when he had felt the awakening of Salazar.

Salazar, on the other hand, was very pleased to have finally found a descendant of the old families who still believed in the balance and Dark Magic. The prospects for his time in Hogwarts were getting sweeter and more acceptable hour by hour, as he got to know Blaise's plans.

Would he not have lost his image as a good boy, Harry would have laughed darkly.

The world did not know what to expect.
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